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My truck page.






So far with performance mods I have a chip, 2lb lower pulley, K&N panel filter with my own cool air intake, oil breather cap, JDM line mod valve and the full exhaust from Long Tube headers to 4 inch tips.

JDM flip chip Full JDM Exhaust Breather cap
Cool air intake with a K&N panel filter. Changed the spark plugs! Line Mod
Smoothing out the upper intake plenum. Cleaning the idle pulleys. Installing an oil separator.
Blower porting/gasket matching.



As for suspension the truck is lowered 1.25" in the front and 2" in the rear by the Hotchkis coils and rear leaf springs. The Bilstien shocks were swapped out for HAL QA1 adjustables, and the front swaybar was corrected with a shortened endlink.

Suspension work Info on all the lowering kits that you'll need.



Appearence is a slow process which includes painting the horrible black plastic pieces and removing the black from the badges to make them shine better. I guess the lowering can be considered appearance also.

Painting the plastic parts. Remove black from the badges.


Interior/Sound System

The stock seats are covered by Wet Okole seat covers, which aside from great protection, they look great. All the stock stereo equipment has been replaced, HD unit 5x7's in the doors and rear panels, and 2 10" subs pushed by a single amp. Phenomenal difference in sound.

Wet Okoles Stereo System