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JDM Longtubes and everything following it!

More pics to come.


I got the full length long tubes, high flow cats, and single magnaflow muffler with huge tips from JDM. Let me say the quality of this kit is second to none. You must see it to appreciate it. This has to be one of JDM's best mods yet.

First impression.

First impressions of the full exhaust. One word: WOW. With only a chip, cool air mod and 2lb pulley there was a definate power increase. I found my ass being pushed harder into the crack of the seat. I can't wait til I get my truck dyno tuned to take full advantage of all the mods (and make sure everything is safe).

The sound. At idle it's a little bit deeper then stock. When you get on the throttle it's very noticable. Cruising at about 65mph it's surprisingly quieter then I thought it would be. I'm not one for loud exhausts at all. I will admit that when you get on the throttle it is louder then I like, but I have to admit the sound is so sweet I could care less it's louder then I wanted. I feel like a ricer driving around and revving just to hear it.

Udpated impressions

Only problem so far is the tips, my fualt. I didn't put the muffler and tips back far enough, so as the system broke in the tips naturally moved back a little. In my case just enough to give a slight burn on the ground effects piece. So I crawled back under and pushed it in more. So far it's okay but I'm keeping an eye on. If it moves back more I'm gonna need a serious mallet to smash it in some more. No big deal though. Just make sure you put everything in as far as you can before you tighten down the clamps. Since mines tighten it makes it harder to push everything in a little more.

The sound hasn't gotten any louder yet. And I'm over 100 miles on it, so maybe it needs more time. But I love the sound as it is.

Power. Oh yes it's added and it's there. In my testing night, mashed the throttle from 20mph roll and the tires busted loose, theres a surprise like it didn't happen before. Tried it again from a 35mph roll, tires just spun as the truck shot off. That impressed me.

Here's a pic of the exhaust, I got the single muffler though:


This was the first header install I ever did. I thought it would be an easy straigh swap of everything. I was wrong, MURPHEY'S LAW was in full effect. The best messup was one header bolt fell out as I was tightening another, after an hour of looking for it I gave up. There is a black hole in the engine compartment. Overall not that bad of an install though. Having a nice variety of swivel sockets and stubby wrenches would make everything easier. It took me and my best friend about 8 1/2 hours. Mostly because alot of the nuts and bolts we had a hard time getting to with our tool collection, so spending 20 minutes to tighten 1 bolt was very common and in turn added much time to the process. Now for the install:


Installing the new.