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Removing Paint from the Badges


Things you will need.


What to do.

This mod is really easy to do. All you're doing is removing the black paint from the emblems. Dip the cotton balls in the acetone or nail polish remover and rub the black paint with them. When the cotten ball gets dirty, get a new one. Use the Q-tips for the areas between the letters, tight spots and the edges. The cotton balls are only good for the 'larger' areas. It's more of a pain to polish these things then it is to remove the paints. Expect around an 1 hour time to get all 3 emblems done.

Keep the spray bottle and paper towels handy also. Incase you get any acetone or nail polish remover on the paint, spray it with the water then wipe it down right away. The acetone really won't be enough to damage the paint, but a spray water and paper towel is so easy why take the risk.

Some Pics