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Wet Okole's


These are hands down the best seat covers I have ever gotten for a vehicle. They were well worth the $300 hundred they cost. Protect from water, odor's don't stay long, easy to clean.

Installing these is a pain in ass they are a tight fit. Luckly my arms aren't that big and my girlfriends arms are small, which helped tremdously on fitting them on the seats properly.

For cleaning they say you have to use special stuff. Haven't tried yet. But I did have excellent cleaning them with a hand held steam cleaner. The late cat took a nice piss on the covers, steam cleaned the covors - no odor or stains. Gotta love that.

The seat covers are best ordered from Wet Okole directly. Shipping takes a little while since they are in Hawaii. If you want a good match for the interior, order the middle part as charcoal, it matches better then the light grey color.


Pics soon to come