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Cleaning the idle pulleys.


After a while the idle pulley gets a little bit dirty and don't spin as freely as they could. So cleaning and re-packing them is best way to fix the situation, plus if they're noisey it helps to quite them down a little bit.


  1. First step is to remove the idler pulleys. So take of the supercharger belt and unbolt the 2 idler pulleys. Easy enough!
  2. Second step is to remove the covers from the bearings. This part is a little tricky. Carefully pry up the plastic ring over the bearing with a small pick or screwdriver. Be very carefull not to damage it. When you done flip the pulley over and do the backside.

  3. Cleaning, the fun part. The first thing I did was remove as much of the grease as possible with a towel. Then I blasted the bearings with WD-40, then towel, then WD-40 ... (repeat until clean)

  4. After the bearings are clean, it's time to repack them. Make sure that use a "High Temp/ High Pressure" grease. Just put the new grease in and thats it.
  5. Once the new grease is in carefully replace the plastic bearing covers and push down with your thumbs until you feal them snap into place.
  6. Re-bolt the idle pulleys back were you removed them from and put the supercharger belt back on. And thats it!!!