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Change the spark plugs to NGK TR5's.


This job is a time consuming pain in the butt. All in all it's not a hard job, it's more intimidating. First time I changed the plugs I did it over the course of 3 days, and total time was under 3 hours. Tools that I used : 3/4 rachet w/ two 3" extensions (one locking), a 6" locking extension, and the spark plug socket w/ rubber boot in it; a 1/4 rachet w/ a 8" locking extension, a 3" extension, and a 7mm socket with built in swivel (life saver for removing coil pack bolts).

I found it easier to remove all 8 coil packs first. Then I used the compressor to remove any debris that was in the holes. After that I replaced the plugs 1 by 1 and put the coils back on right after replacing the plug.

PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE - don't rush yourself, take your time not to screw up and to keep yourself from getting frustrated.

Be prepared to have your hands and arms cut up and scraped.

Make sure you use anti-sieze on new plugs, if you gonna do all 8 plugs at once it's a good idea to properly gap and put anti-sieze on when before you start. It will make it a little easier and quicker as you won't have to prep each plug before going in, then wiping the anti-sieze of you hand.


Heres some pics of my old plugs:

This is a good place to go for more tips.