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My cool air intake


This is my cool air intake. It consists of the stock airbox with a K&N panel filter in it. I ran two 2 1/2" flex hose from the airbox, down through the fender well, and one hose to the inside of the upper grill and the other hose runs behind the bottom intercooler. For scoop I used 2 Crafstman utility nozzles for shop vacuums. They have a 2 1/2" pipe which made them fit the ducting perfectly. Heres a pic:

This setup does work. It's not a true ram air because the factory airbox can still draw air from the fender well. This just helps bring more cooler air into the airbox then the stock airbox can.

This setup is not complete yet. All I have left now is to make the ducting connecting nicer to the air box. I am also going to try and come up with a way I can block off the air passage through the ducts for those rainy days.


Making it.

First I bought a second airbox incase I srew up. Anyway it was easy. I cut two 2 1/2" holes in the bottom of the airbox using my trusty dremel. Then cleaned out all the shavings. Put the air box in the truck and pushed both hoses into the airbox and let the hoses fall on the floor through the fender well. In order to keep the houses in the airbox I use a clamp on each hose with a piece around it slightly larger then the hole, so they can't get pulled out.

Running the hoses, just put them where ever you want them and hold them down with zip ties. Easy enough, right? Here's how I put the hose running down from the airbox, zip ties were my friend:


The scoops, how well the shop vac nozzles work. For the first I mounted the shop vac nozzle on the ledge right below the upper grill. All I did was just connect 2 metal plates to the nozzle and screw those into the pastic platform that ran on the inside below the grill. Then connected the ducting to it and clamped down.


The lower scoop was a little more difficult. Originally I wanted it behind the lower grill, but the fit was to tight, and I wasn't impressed at all. So I decided to mount that nozzle behind the intercooler radiator. To mount this on I made a clamp system with some washers, long bolts and few nuts. The nozzle just clamped right onto the radiator. Since it's behind the radiator I'm not worried about it blocking airflow. And since this isn't a true ram air I'm not to concerned with how much air makes it there.