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My web page with a list of kits and comments on each.


$1680 to lower my L? This is the quote from SoCal. A little steep, don'tcha think?

Anyone who lowered there truck. Help out please.

How much should I lower my Lightning?

Am I missing something here (lowering ???'s)

Lower to level with the ground or with the rear lifted a little higher?

shocks for lowered L

lowered L's launch better

hotchkis handling kit

Anyone that is interested in Steeda

Belltech install and thoughts

calling 3/4 belltech lowered

Bell tech 3/4 drop, few questions and price

Hotchkis Lightning

Hotchkis Update

ruslows suspension

lowering my 2000

Just Finished Lowering the L

any pics of lowered lightnings?

Picture of Black 2000 L. with Western Chassis 2 inch A-arms and Bell Tech 3/4 drop kit

The hard way to lower a Lightning

What All Is Needed To Lower My L 1 Inch In The Front?

lowering questions...

Roush Lowered Lightning

Whats the disadvantages and advantages for using a Roush kit on your Lightning?

Roush Lowering Kit - Final Instructions Needed!!!! '

Rousch lowering kit- price for installation and parts?

drop shackles vs. roush suspension

Aim 2" lowering shackle part #--->>>

Rear Shackles

Performance Handling

Does lowering a truck = better 1/4 times?

Front end alignment specs

Got alignment done today at Ford...


Shift kits

Installed a trans accumulator pressure valve kit.

Anybody using PSP's $149 Hydrosystem Shift Kit?

Are shift kits really worth it?

Shift kit vs. shift program from chip

Transmission Line Pressure

4 or 8 cylinders?

4 vs 8 cylinder question revisited

TransGo shift kit and 4x4 pan installed in '99 L

TransGo or Level 10?

What does the Line mod valve do?


Lightning Street/Strip Shift Kit

Shift Kit questions?

How do I install the full valve body SHIFT KIT? Calling Sal or Factory tech ANYBODY?

Transgo Shift kit



3.73:1 gears?

Changing gears ...easy or not?

3.73 gears

Should I Go WIth 3.73 Or 4.11 Gears Or Leave In The 3.55's????

What Kind Of Perfrormance Increase Should I Expect From 4.10 Gears?

What Other Parts Are Needed To Install 4.10 Gears?

Are there any chip burners that can compensate for 4.10 gears ????

Since the 01's have 3.73 gears.....