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Endlink Info

Energy Suspension front link info.

TO FIT/SELECT PROPER SET- Vehicle must be on level ground (not jacked up) with wheels supporting it. Make sure stabilizer bar end eyelet (B) is parallel with the control arm (C). Many times they are not. You may be required to use a slightly longer or shorter sleeve length than the original. Measure sleeve length (A) and compare to the chart to find the correct set.

"A" Length Set Number

1" 9-8122
1 5/8" 9-8120
2" 9-8123
2 3/8" 9-8125
2 5/8" 9-8117
2 7/8" 9-8118
3 3/8" 9-8119
3 9/16" 9-8124
4 1/4" 9-8149
4 1/2" 9-8121

Addco Endlinks

This is what I used found them up at Pep Boys. Now which one is the size for your application, well they say a picture is worth a thousand words: